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    Quote Originally Posted by Arada View Post
    The biggest news of this pso station is auto-pickup of material (and if you have material storage, it goes there directly).
    300 gems for 30 days. so basically 15usd for one month, unless you save up for free SG

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    Result of the surveys

    Episode 6 overall so far

    New ultimate - People seem to like it overall except the prize

    New Armada in space EQ again people seem to like it overall

    Opinion on current job battle ability and what current plan is to address concern
    Basicly seems to be going to be buffing most instead of nerfing, specifically PA and stuff that aren't as used often to be on par as most often u sed PA/tech

    Most requested 15 thing to change, New PA/Tech is #1

    And a short Q+A

    Why is the item box/crystal for Armada spiky?
    - No reason
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    Screenshot dump
    url][email protected]/[/url]
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    Gu part ... PA power up to catch up AnotherSRoll? Yes, please (I'm going GuHu mostly, so, it's a very good news! Been using PA a lot, with some SRoll in between!)

    Hero part .... Hero Boost got less penalty (translation help)? Yes, please
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    Trailers for anyone who missed em and want some easy links

    Ultra Hard Vopar Trailer

    Beach Wars 2019 Trailer

    4-Player Ultimate Quest Trailer

    PSO Episode Oracle Anime Trailer

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    I welcome the balancing news and the QoL stuff. Looking forward for the anime as well.

    ... but nothing beats the upcoming summer bikinis. My meseta is ready.

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    Crafting for NT weapons...does this include 14 star and 15 star weapons?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maenara View Post
    I am literally not dealing with this.

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    This anime trailer looks infinitely better than the first one.

    Also, crafting returns. I suppose the objective is to get the power of a decent 15* weapon through it. It will be a meseta sink for sure. I wonder if units are included...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tymek View Post
    Crafting for NT weapons...does this include 14 star and 15 star weapons?
    Crafting is for 13*s only so not like this will make a massive difference to current gear. If it was for Blood series id probably be more inclined to craft.

    If i didnt look at datamined stuff already this stream would have been good but outside the class info i was pretty disappointed. Also rip UH Rodos, just another bloated HP OT boss that still cant show up randomly in coast
    Quote Originally Posted by the_importer_ View Post
    Tell you what mate, I'll decide when my topic goes into the QQ post or when it needs to be it's own thing, and you can do the same for yours. Alright, cool. Cheers

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    My comments / blog post :

    1) Player UQ feedback: Pretty much shows that "We just want challenging content" reflects a small part of the playerbase. The majority want to be rewarded.

    2) Class feedback: This is catch 22 on nearly every aspect.
    New PAs will just mean that other PAs will go underused, which will bring a new cycle of "buff the underused PAs".
    Buffing the weak points of a class will further reduce identity or interesting gameplay. At least personally, enjoyment comes from trying to overspecialize for some content by having to consider the drawbacks it will bring, not being a jack-of-all-trades master-of-all with 1 or 2 builds.
    Regarding FO specifically, it is true that it currently relies too much on TE to be effective (PP management and Light damage), but if it didn't, then some other subclass would be meta. The hard part is how to tune the knobs so that the meta isn't more than 2-3% above the rest of the options. I also dislike that they consider reducing skill point requirements, because then it gets even closer to single-build-which-does-all. This applies for all classes.

    3) Pyroxene and Spellstone consolidation: A pretty much well overdue change. It's a good thing that weapons will be repaced by camos, but will the weapons themselves become droppable, or will they become "permanently unavailable"?

    4) Extending NT weapons: Also a welcome change. Was it confirmed that it will only go up to 13* rarities? Will that apply only for -NT or will -OT 13*s also be extendable? Will the new recipies have multiple levels like current extending formulas, or will it be just 1 (like the new planet-wide Timed Abilities)? Will 12* units become extendable soon? Will Gold- and Shaphards / Neojits materials become worthwhile again?

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