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    How would each of you try to tackle the issue of the game's dependence on EQs? We have to consider the following:
    Its completely my personal opinion but I think it'd be neat if triggers could drop from other 24/7 content in the game in addition to the current system, perhaps drops of specific triggers could be increased or decided based upon the region/field the quest takes place in. (for example, you could get triggers for Elder from Naberius more often, Mining Base from Lilipa more often etc.) and also the difficulty/type of quest (SH AQ's could have a further boosted drop rate for example), this would allow people to play both new and old EQs on their own time.

    Of course ideally all of these EQs should drop stuff that is somewhat relevant, like how when 14* drops were first being added, some were able to drop off of older bosses like loser and PD for example. an alternative solution would be to just have all the EQs drop some general "EQ currency" like the crests we've been getting that you can use to purchase relevant gear and stuff

    Getting players would definitely be the hardest part to tackle, the only thing I could think of other than keeping the current trigger system would be to make it more like extreme passes where everyone would need a trigger to enter (drop rates for them would likely have to be higher then), and it would just matchmake you with other people who have triggers. I think making stuff like EQ boss health scale with player count would further help with the issue of not finding a full party of people, since you could start with a lower player count and as long as everyone pulls their own weight you can still clear it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kondibon View Post
    I guess I should also mention that in most places, ToS aren't considered legally binding contracts so you couldn't be sued as a "breach of contract" either. The only way you could end up in jail for breaking a ToS is if the thing you did to break it is illegal independent of the ToS.

    I mean, that's fair, and plenty of people don't like the idea of playing a game it's against the ToS for them to be playing. It just feels like you have a lot to say about the game and "the direction it's going" without having actually played it. There's skimpy outfits and stuff in it, but that's not all there is to the game.

    I'm well aware... But there's the fact that people only play it for different reasons, it being a PS game isn't one of them.

    But that's fine ... There's indeed a lot more to the game

    And I'll be honest with you... I really have no issue with the skimpy outfits and whatever else that is offered for females ... If the game had only that I would actually still play it.... Yes liked "WTF?" Right? But tbh I had thought I had it all figured out...but after more carful examination... It's absolutely fine.... I actually like that stuff... Hell I've played many games like it and STILL liked it, It can be whatever it wants to do... As long as the the core gameplay holds up
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    7 years makes for a lot of junk. They need to debloat and declutter. The amount of exchanges and stones now is just ridiculous. Zieg went from like, 5 exchanges to 30 and there's a Nab UH, Nab UQ and Nab AQs which, in various episodes, served the same purpose of being a harder free field with exclusive drops.

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