Hey all, looking to see if anyone else is experiencing this.

I have two iPad pros that I’ve installed PSO2es on. The app itself on iOS is roughly 230-240mb. I go to download the extra content (roughly 4gb) and it takes the normal few hours, etc. but when it’s done and says it’s finished, (Not an error message, I translated it) no additional space on my iPad is occupied AND PSO2 es still shows the same amount of storage being taken up!

Things to keep in mind:
“Enable offloading of unused apps is NOT enabled”
I’ve tried this on TWO different 2018 11” iPad pros with latest iOS. Not running beta.

I don’t *think* this is an apple issue since it’s happening on more than one device. I will end up trying my phone if no one has any thoughts here but I’m just curious where all the data that was downloaded is going if it’s nowhere on my system storage!

Many thanks in advance for any help. <3