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    I believe you get one Ultimate Booster per solo UH PD trigger you do, unless it was by luck that I got one on my first trigger, no idea but I'll run some more later on unless someone else can confirm. dam shame Ray weapons didnt get increased drop rates

    dont know if S ranking this had anything to do with it either BUT i do know that each class you S rank solo PD UH with you get 100 Hero Crests which is pretty nice
    You can see the Ultimate Booster awarded in the quest results window if you get S-rank.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Loveless62 View Post
    You can see the Ultimate Booster awarded in the quest results window if you get S-rank.
    Ya i know buy i wasnt sure if it was guranteed everytime tho
    Quote Originally Posted by ZerotakerZX - the man stuck in 2014 View Post
    Kewl, I'm using double set still, since when crafted stat boosts can overcome any full 12* set.

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    eh the sphere/pbooster/ubooster exchange A Solution; we'll have to see what the sphere/pbooster drop rates in AQs and XQs look like after the change before we can really pass judgement here. But that kinda solve my beef with it; AQs are far more manageable for a newer player to ram their face against than the current state of ult nab

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