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    Default In terms of plot ......Is Idola Phantasy Star III?????

    I probably shouldn't have but i decided to check on theTV tropes page for idola PS saga and the description for the "Plot reference" trope is that the plot of Idola is "Phantasy Star III but in a PSO2 setting".....

    IS this really true i mean how far does it go in terms of similarities and such?? I mean i thought it waa supposed to be it's own thing??..
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    It's not even in PSO2's setting, so whoever wrote that probably has no idea what they're talking about.

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    I thought as much, which is why It's best to take TV tropes with a grain of salt.
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    That's an insult to phantasy star 3.

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    The only thing I remember from PS III was that you could buy an escapipe at the start and basically lock the game from progressing, with the king even telling you that you shouldn't have used the escapipe there, and now you have to press reset and start a new game.

    And that it was the first game I remember where combat BGM would dynamically change in-combat based on how well it was going.

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    I think the game's existence involves PSO2 and similar to Phantasy Star 3. A story where they lost most of the knowledges/technologies and back to medieval way after the corruption of Dark Falz.

    There are two groups - Law vs Chaos like Orakian vs Laian. These groups have beliefs that makes them oppose to each other. The character's time split - Law/Chaos destiny, which I think it's similar to PSIII marrying a Laian or an Orakian. Also, the two moons from Idola might be important to the plot like the azure and violet moon from PSIII. Civilization in Idola seems lost and disconnected from other sister ships (ARKS ships), just like Alisa III (eventually reunited with Neo Palma in Shin's ending).

    Correct me if I'm wrong because it's not fully translated yet. For now, I can only rely on visuals, fan discussions, partial fan translations, amateur japanese language skills, and google translates.

    Note: I only played the fan retranslation of Phantasy Star 3 due to name/time differences between international and JP version, so ended up relying on JP since it's the source.

    (Edit) Additional Info:
    Old fashion ships are back in Idola, last seen was from PSIII.
    Although, gnomes never exist in PSIII, but Phantasy Star Gaiden did have a gnome character.
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    The Episode 3 of PSO2 is PSNova.

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