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    Quote Originally Posted by NightlightPro View Post
    new class with unique weapon and PA's

    nuff said

    why recycle older weapons for newer classes when they can make new ones instead?
    they got that message in one of the more recent player surveys; so we may see it for episode 7, but they've already been planning this next successor class for a while now.

    From the end of episode 3 with the Austere OT laundry list of items, through early episode 4's "you have barely enough time to max element a weapon from these files" and late ep4's "you have barely enough time to +35 the weapon you want from files without a drop" to whatever the heck was happening in episode 5 before lightstream/atlas ex; I would have absolutely dreaded the idea of 2 more weapon types to cover.

    I think that was part of the objective of the Adva-"Successor" classes, to let us use some gear we might not have liked before; or at least use some stuff we already had around.

    but now that we got a bunch of good weapon series that we can change the type of as long as we got the materials for it, I can finally say it would be a pain to add in some more weapon types again. I have been deeply disturbed ever since I realized there hasn't been a single slicer model used for anything in pso2 yet. like with hero I was expecting them to maybe make some talis camos to rep slicers but we still haven't even seen a trace of disca of liberator or slicer of assassin anywhere.

    anyway; I'm also expecting this next class to have a psudo-buff-support gimmick to contrast with Phantom's Jellen Redress skill. Bouncer already fills this secondary-support-that-nobody-will-miss-if-they-aren't-in-the-MPA role, so we'll just have to see what it is. not to mention we didn't even know about phantom's jellen shenanigans until much closer to it's release, so we might not get much more than a teaser like phantom's first teaser

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    my idea for next succesor class should be : partizan , wand and gunblade in plan of imitate roman soldiers , crusadiers and antiriot police

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    Next class should be pseudo Borderlands 2 with passive Hp, pp regen for kills, damage reduction when under status and maybe increased movement speed when low health to retreat from danger.

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    Jetboots, knuckles Wireed lance. With techs to support yourself and others. Hell would be awesome if you can cast techs similar to bouncer but it would change your attacks, like with lightning you can cuase short and move faster. Ice slows them down, fire does more damage with a fire dot. Light you have armor and mve faster, Dark does extra damage and adds poison and a defense debuff.

    Who am I kidding, it's Sega it's gonna be fuckery. :P

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    I just want Twin Claw play back or a better Knuckle play, absolutely up for anything improved on Launcher, 3rd filler weapon is meh unless they actually come through and make all 3 super good and not the whole 1 triumphs the others which if it happens again, fine by me. Balance is always welcome
    Tell you what mate, I'll decide when my topic goes into the QQ post or when it needs to be it's own thing, and you can do the same for yours. Alright, cool. Cheers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zorak000 View Post
    [...], meanwhile hero's icon is a +sword, phantom is a +rod, so the next class has gotta be a +gun.
    I can definitively see the launcher as the weapon for the next successor class. it seems that they're taking the main weapons from the prime classes, the first ones: Hunter (sword) and Force(Rod). So the next one should be Ranger(Launcher).

    Quote Originally Posted by Zorak000 View Post
    bonus prediction: icon color will be green
    Green is already Braver and Bouncer's. I think the icon will be white gold, elegant and lustrous

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    Doublesaber, wand, and bow would be my personal wishlist. But mostly, I ask for wand.
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    Idk I was thinking wand, partisan, bow for like a knight like build if they made wand like a sword and shield for the class. But something with the launcher so I can just special beam cannon all the things would be really cool too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrCatco View Post
    I can definitively see the launcher as the weapon for the next successor class. it seems that they're taking the main weapons from the prime classes, the first ones: Hunter (sword) and Force(Rod). So the next one should be Ranger(Launcher).
    There's Ranger on Phantom already with rifle tho. Could be Bullet Bow from Braver cause the last ones are Gunner (Hero) and Ranger (Phantom) on R-ATK line up, though I still wish for Launcher as well.

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    My prediction: TDs, JBs, Bow with Bow being the "representative" weapon.

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