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    Default Tweaker PSO2 and Windows 10. It doesn't want to work!

    Hi I have a big problem with Tweaker. When I changed a version of Windows from 8.1 for 10, now it doesn't want to work on this version of Windows. I tried one method like turn off all my defendings on my laptop, but I see it doesn't work. I tried also like change on compatibility to Windows 8.
    For now tried what I could, but I don't know, is there something more after what Tweaker PSO2 would be working?

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    By doesn't work, do you mean it won't start, or something else?
    If it's not starting, check the Task Manager and see if it is in your processes list; it could just be that it isn't starting properly, and a reinstall might help that.
    Also, have you added the game's and the Tweaker's install folders and ".exe"s to the exclusions list in Windows Defender under "Virus & threat protection settings"?
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    It's somethig like that, it starts, but it stopping when it's trying to download some plugins or updates.

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    Quote Originally Posted by djkocor View Post
    It's somethig like that, it starts, but it stopping when it's trying to download some plugins or updates.
    It could be Windows Defender killing it if that is the case. Make sure you have all folders and ".exe"s related to PSO2 and the Tweaker added to Defender's exclusions as I recall it is still "active" to some degree even if you disable it or use another security program.

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    Some common issues:

    a) Did you do a clean reinstallation of Tweaker when you upgraded from Win8.1 to Win10?
    b) Is your account an administrator, or a regular user?
    c) Do you have ownership of both Tweaker folder and PSO2 installation folder?
    d) Do you select to run Tweaker as Administrator (even if you are one)?

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