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    Default Is Phantasy Star not meant to be played for the Story?

    Yo guys..... I've been thinking about something for a bit.... I've been wondering if Phantasy Star games should be played for thier stories or the gameplay (Mostly the gameplay.) because I've been having doubts if ...... Well about the story because no one exactly talks about it that much... Not to mention how some of the games is very light on it and it's really not that much to begin with.....Also I seriously don't think Sega is the Story telling type of Dev .... They just make games... Nothing more nothing less... I guess it's also for that reason that I sometimes be bothered that people gives PSO's story a bit too much credit.. I also kinda feel that no one really remembers PSO for the story... Just how fun it was.... Same with the rest.... Pre classic and post....

    Sorry I just feel that Phantasy Star is just one of those series where the story is just there for the player to chew on while they play.... I don't think it was meant to be looked at deeply or examined... It just seems pretty much like a light type of story series where the main draw is the game play similar to Etrisn Odyssey and Monster Hunter (not that I mind, I've played a few titles of both franchises and they are very cool.) and that any story that exist is serviceable at best (and at times fan service ) since this is Sega we're talking about they just don't seem the the type to make deep intricately tied stories... They just make games.... If when they go the extra mile... It's a bit more than serviceable.

    It just that what it seems like to me....

    But seriously what do you guys think?
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