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    Quote Originally Posted by Dark Mits View Post
    4) The amount of inventory management in-between EQs / UH FF runs is also getting out of hand as you say. Right now we get over 70 items after any EQ session (and even worse for a 20min UH farming), that we have to untek or check if we'll vendor, or if we sell to other players. Maybe it's time to reduce number of drops as weapons and increase as materials, even if it means that fodder prices will increase in the market.
    pretty sure this was already fixed with UH? I remember in UH 90% of item drops just come as EXcubes instead of trash weps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flatflyer View Post
    pretty sure this was already fixed with UH? I remember in UH 90% of item drops just come as EXcubes instead of trash weps.
    Not exactly. You get the excubes in addition to the weapon/unit drops.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Selphea View Post
    I'll just use this thread as my notepad for what to mention in the next survey. PSO2 broadly has a good formula but there's a lot of small details that need tweaking.

    I feel like newer PSO2 is becoming quite inaccessible to newcomers. Numbers wise, yes EXP is easy, Dim is easy, welfare gear is easy but a few things:

    First is the affix gap has grown a lot because of Grace boosters, Ether Factor, Mana Reverie, 8S being the norm and things being so focused on making pre-fodders and gambling upslots during boost weeks.

    Second is that if you don't have gear to brute force content, you need to memorize a LOT because quest design and enemy design is so busy nowadays. Armada is like, red laser fences, giant red laser mechs, giant red ship lasers, flyby red lasers, things dash around all over the place and rotate and block your camera... there's just too much junk going on nowadays.

    Third is getting to the fun as a new player takes way too long. Because of power creep, everything up to Extra Hard is just a bore because you just hold one button and wait for your EXP bar to fill while things insta die. But you have to endure hours of snoozefest to get to the fun... except there's speed bumps along the way. The classes they want people to play are Hero and Phantom which are significantly more responsive and versatile than basic classes, but you need two classes at 75, then you need to grind Hero or Phantom to 85. They don't seem to have learned the lesson from the original "advanced" classes, Fighter, Gunner and Techer. The playerbase was at it's highest after these requirements were lifted.

    And the reason I care about newcomers and casuals is they form the bulk of the playerbase - the same playerbase that shrunk hugely in Ep5. Less players = less spenders. Less spenders = less budget. Less budget = less content, and the content right now is seriously awful compared to Ep3 and 4 where it wasn't great but at least enemies weren't just a giant, stiff polygon ship with painted on textures.

    Class balance is "ok" on a surface level, in that if you look at a spreadsheet the DPS numbers seem OK. But mechanically it's like, good luck as a Hunter trying to get top DPS when Persona decides to swing around wildly or Masquerade teleports around. It doesn't have the kit because it doesn't have a vertical tracking, homing, superfast gap close. Even Braver's Guren can't hit the right spot nowadays because the time it takes for the second SHING to come out is an eternity for today's enemies. They'll fly or teleport or zoom away and then you hit some silly non-weak spot so your DPS in practice is like, 20% of what it's supposed to be on paper. I don't think old classes are OK, if they were OK we wouldn't have half the playerbase on Hero or Phantom, and wouldn't have this many unhappy Hunters and Bouncers.

    Another thing that bugs me about classes is, it's seriously not fun as an old class to be subject to so much more specific gear requirements. Hero and Phantom don't need any special L rings or S4s/Orgei/Jupiter gimmicks, they just work. Meanwhile old classes need this weapon to press this skill for a lower cooldown, then they swap to that other weapon for this S4 for higher damage, then they swap to this other weapon to regenerate PP, then this weapon for Shifta, this one for Deband... it's incredibly clunky.

    Also, skill trees are so meaningless now. To me, it should either offer meaningful choices, or just do away with them and offer everything straight up, no choices needed. Right now you pick everything with the oodles of skill points 90 levels can give, so there's no choice but you still need to deal with the admin.

    Speaking of admin, there are too many drops now. So the mass tekking and excubing is admin, managing all these stone types is admin, sorting gear for good affixes to save is admin, making affix fodders is admin, all these passes and tickets and crests and expiry dates are also admin... I think most players will want to just hop into the game and kick some ass but you eventually need to sort all the junk you get from a quest and that's seriously not fun.

    As far as endgame gear goes, it is what it is - best in slot comes once every 1-2 years, you have your oodles of collection to do. I wish there were multiple parallel paths to different series of gear. Like the Raid EQ Lightstream route should be a fast route to middle-of-the-road gear. Then maybe some solo elitist route to a squishy high damage series, and grinding mobbing UQ/UH is a slow route to a tanky series that can handle chaotic mobbing situations. I'd rather have that than a single route that needs a bit of everything for a single series of best in slot. They had a good system going from Austere to Qliphad, each series was different and had it's own advantages. Some needed a bit more thought but the intent was good and there was always a reason to get a new series' weapon.

    As a whole I think they've completely lost the notion of KISS and kept piling random junk on, and they're still piling on even more. Because of that, things are now hard to balance and horribly bloated. They really need to simplify things.

    Despite all that ranting, PSO2 is still fun at it's core. There's no other action game quite like it, the aesthetics are dated but the art style lets it age well. It just needs some cleaning up after accumulating 7 years of bloat. The Advanced Quest shops are a start, but there's a lot more to do.

    So in a sense, even with recent improvents,, PSO2 Mostly hit the hard walls?
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    Quote Originally Posted by UniverseLover View Post
    It's definitely a different experience when you first start the game compared to later on and definitely boring early on. They should slow down for the sake of new players but at the same time, slowing down would make end game content stagnate I would imagine. SEGA created this mess so it's their job to balance this out....but it's SEGA though so that almost guaranteed won't happen.
    *Sighs*.... Great...Wonder what the next game will be like?...
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    Quote Originally Posted by StreetFighter2242 View Post
    *Sighs*.... Great...Wonder what the next game will be like?...
    You did say it yourself you didnt even play the game. Might be better if you were to experience yourself.

    I agree tho the game is getting stagnant and I'm really suffering from burnout. Tho the amount of things to do is actually a lot, but its the new content that people usually focus on. To have fun in this game, one has to force to gimp themselves. Fought a SH Quartz Dragon the other day with 100% alternate camera view+ low tier ungrinded weapon and it was fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by StreetFighter2242 View Post
    So in a sense, even with recent improvents,, PSO2 Mostly hit the hard walls?
    This is Sega's first game with live updates that's lasted 7 years and most likely the largest live service action RPG in the world that's lasted 7 years. Some things aren't going to be very well planned out.

    I don't think they've hit hard walls but they need to be willing to reverse some bad decisions.

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    While i appreciate all the new QoL stuff, the game hasn't been having enough interesting content lately to keep me invested. They've only just recently started taking actions against useless content (Pyroxene Shops), but there are still so many other things to fix i fear we're gonna be thin on content for a little while. Hopefully they'll do something against power creeping by the time the next class arrives.

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    One other thing i've been noticing since EP4 is that the game's even less socially engaging. Back in EP1 i used to have a blast playing with randoms and fighting challenging bosses that required some level of communication and basic strategies, now all of that is gone since everyone's so powerful at early levels. The only thing that motivates me to create a party is the 40% triboost, since the party will most likely be quiet and not communicate about what to do at all. Keep in mind these are just my experiences and these may not reflect anyone else's.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PenguinDeer View Post
    Face tanking things just isn't effective when countering provides much more benefits

    I honestly don't see the fun in face tanking hits and spamming life steal. To me, that's even more brain dead than countering/dodging/guarding.
    I'd almost agree except that there are classes and weapon combinations that greatly suffer from NOT having any strong counter mechanic, especially in the current UH quest environment.

    They usually have no other choice but to rely on super armor and/or lifesteal mechanics so as not to lose overall DPS from just dodging/guarding stuff while waiting for an opening (all the while Bravers, Phantoms, and Heroes just keep hitting hard and fast with counters at probably even higher DPS than their regular move cycles if the boss or mob just keeps on spamming attacks).

    Non-Sword Hunters and Knuckle Fighters come to mind in this kind of situation. Also Techers.

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    This EP have some neat stuff, but the pacing is really bad.

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