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    The pasts years there was always only 3 winners and 3 selected works for a total of 6 weapon camos
    This year there are 3 winners and 4 selected works (if we count the log as one) for a total of 7 weapon camos, the log being an extra weapon, so I dont see the problem, we are getting an extra weapon

    Here I leave a screen of the selected works of 2016 and 2017

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    The problem is that no effort was put into designing the weapon and three entries which were exactly the same were chosen to appear in-game, rather than original and/or well designed entries.
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    I am literally not dealing with this.

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    Yeaaa I'd defo feel sad if I worked my ass out on a camo design to see log doodles take the design spot, but oh well.
    The most disappointing is that males get YET another oriental-themed costume. Don't get me wrong those are nice an female got the same treatment but they at least get enough costumes to change it up. In male's case that yearly oriental costume is actually an entire half of what they get which is hhuuuh

    Oh well I didn't have any actual expectation in that regard and at least some of the nominees look good, so it's ok I guess

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    Logs > well designed weapon camo
    Female kinky costumes > male costumes they dont care about cause all sega staff have female characters

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