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    Default Étoile Class Discussion

    About Étoile

    Weapon Gameplay

    Class Balance Updates

    Skill Tree Recommendations

    Weapon Meta

    Recommended Gear

    DPS Rotations/Charts, High Level Play Videos

    Common Questions

    ALL INFORMATION IS BORROWED from Bumped, Swiki, the PSO2 Community and posted here for ease of access. I give my thanks to the people working hard on translating and updating the information we use on a daily basis to help ease our life while playing PSO2 and being able to enjoy the game today and forward into the future. Consider visiting them for more information that may or may not be here or for your general update information for the game:

    If any of the video links are broken (either because Youtube took them down or the Twitter post was deleted) please let me know either by DM or posting here in the thread so I can try and find a replacement asap. Thanks
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    Kewl, I'm using double set still, since when crafted stat boosts can overcome any full 12* set.

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