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    Default Can I change my email without knowing my current email?

    Long story short, when I signed up for my SEGA ID I had to use a disposable email address because it wouldn't accept any of my valid addresses for some reason. I was dumb and thought it would be fine because it would be easy to change later.

    Fast forward to today and here I am, not remembering what email I used to sign up. I have all my other login info, just not my email. Is there any way for me to change my email without knowing it? I couldn't find anything other than a FAQ page saying that I can submit a form to have it changed. However, if I read the fine print at the bottom it says they won't help me if I'm overseas. I'd like to at least try and submit a form to see if they will help me but I'm afraid of being banned because they will know I'm from NA.

    A. Does anyone know if I can change it somewhere on my own?
    B. If not, do you think I will be banned by trying to submit a ticket?
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