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    Default NGE Collab and Raid boss incoming!

    Looks really cool. AIS Vega has pretty good control, a lot better than regular AIS and it looks like fun.
    Looks like there won't be any part of the quest on foot.

    No idea when it's gonna happen, though.

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    It was clever to pick Ramiel as the boss since it has a similar design sense as Shiva's Luminmechs (in fact, I wouldn't be surprised if they were partially based off of Ramiel in the first place).

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    I know I already posted my thoughts on EVA x PSO2 collab, but man....

    As a super-duper HUGE Eva fan, I'm super hyped...

    Also super excited for Rebuild of Evangelion 4.0 anime... I can (not) wait!


    I also wouldn't mind Xenoblade collab too... (*although I would really like it to be Xenogears but I know that's not possible*).
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    I hope there is a gold rare Mesetalord Ramiel version.

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    Quote Originally Posted by landman View Post
    I hope there is a gold rare Mesetalord Ramiel version.
    yeah... YEAH!!!

    though it being an EQ means they can phase it out of existence in a cleaner way than the mess the monhun boss left behind. I just want a stable source of doom break units pscrew ;A;

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