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    Default Rockbear practice

    I don't know if this should be merged with Finds and Accomplishments, but I think it would be nice to have a thread where we can post our "parses" for Evaluation Practice: Rockbear. I'll start.

    Unfortunately I didn't get screenshots, but my 1 solo 20sec run had me do 2.08m highest with Ilgrants spam on weak point (no Team Shifta, no campship Shifta, no consumables). So I expect the rest of you are nearing 10m or better

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    Though not everyone can utilize this damage training to show max damage potential (relying on counters and the likes) .....
    I at least do wonder how far the damage difference against GuFi (the usual is DA - SA - IF0 - SA, I think?) _(:3」

    Using GuHu (Skill tree on sig, but modified a bit (Lv0 APPR, Lv10 R-Atk3))
    Campship's ShiftaDrink ..... 100 Chain + BulletSquall0 + (1 or 1.5 Sat Aim hits, without Chain Boost)

    Not using SatAim + IF0 + SatAim since it's a bit harder to connect on Rockbear (and my personal note kinda said it's only a tiny, tiny bit lower than BulletSquall so .... ).
    Oh, and I don't have Orgei affixed, since ShiftPeriod will lock mouse movement to vertical aiming only _(:3」

    Edit (again) :
    As far as Chain build-up + 1 PA for ChainFinish only (without SRollArts) ......
    Bullet Squall 0 = 5,283,473
    Infinity Fire 0 = 5,258,997
    Same power _(:3」Just a bit safer on BulletSquall side
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    I'm kind of upset that the rockbear moves and attacks cause it makes it much harder to compare rotations :c

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    I'm about 2~3 million on my PH too, but someone got higher damage
    Sizustar Fo/Te 75/75 - Ship-2

    Screenshot dump
    url][email protected]/[/url]
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    Nah, it can't be used as a proper dps test especially for PH:

    1 When it moves, jump or put his head up there's no headshot - damage is only 18k instead of 100+k so you'll need to synchronise with its moves by slowing yourself down.

    2 It's absolutly impossible to clearly hit his head with Rose Schwert spam

    3 I can charge a mark with my Rifle common rotation only at 20-23 second depending on the number of successful headshots

    4 It doesn't take into account chargable DPS burst abilities like Hero Time and PH Time

    I used my common UH MPA gear (Rappy back unit), cheapest drink for freezing boosts only and my common rotation:
    SNacht -> SC -> N

    Lightstream rifle (4021 RAtk):

    Atlas rifle with S4: Calming intent (3893 RAtk):


    Lightstream rifle (4021 RAtk) SKugel hold:

    Atlas katana (3826 SAtk) SWolken -> QC macro spam:
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    Attachment 42210

    I have yeeted the beast

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moffen View Post

    Hero Atlas sword (4144 SAtk):

    Novel TMG (3956 RAtk):

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raujinn View Post
    I'm kind of upset that the rockbear moves and attacks cause it makes it much harder to compare rotations :c
    That and Rockbear has exactly 0 hitboxes with a 1x multiplier.

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    I forgot how to do images properly on here ;__;
    Edit: damn how did i also fuck this up too

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    Yeah, I wish the Rockbear didn't move. The quest is a nice gesture, but this was a simple thing that made it a lot worse than it could've been.

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