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    Default My gear disappears when I play on PC - still there on PS4/Vita?!


    What a weird issue: I logged in from my PC after a couple months away and discovered that EVERYTHING I own had disappeared. Mesetas, gear, everything!

    I thought I'd been hacked and decided to start from scratch. Played for a while, gathered basic stuff and decided to call it a day.

    A couple days later I played again this time on Vita: my stuff was back. I couldn't believe it.

    Tried again on PC: still empty.

    What gives? Is that a new "feature" or bug please? Thank you!

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    Are you sure you are logging in to the same Ship when you sign in from both?

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    Yep! My character+my mags, skills, classes... Etc are there!

    It's a really weird issue...

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