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    Default AC SCRATCH: Halloween Star Night (02 OCT 19 - 06 NOV 19)


    Some cute looking stuff, though I'm not sure if there is anything I'm really hard pressed to get (especially considering I'm broke after the affix boost week).

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    What I sought for the affix boost revival was untenable with my current funds, so its all going towards this scratch.
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    Last affix doesn't do me more than 15m soo.. I got cash for Stella and Lord Crope! <3

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    Painfully disappointing.
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    I am literally not dealing with this.

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    Well we finally came to this: new LA's over 50m and Ba's over 30m, best accessories 30-50m and average ones for ~10m... nothing to do here anymore.

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    blame the affix boost week, ac scratch people need their $$ back

    the sporty OU is just what i wanted

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