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    Hell, one of the female to male 1st places is all about showing boobs because people completely forgot that this looks dumb as hell on a dude.
    To their defense though, there's not a lot of things that look good when genderswapped female to male (especially with female basewear). And the people probably voting for those (which are probably the same target Sega is catering to with this) are people who want something 'cool' or 'sexy' for their otokonoko, as most of the available otokonoko stuff are cutesy instead

    Although, I personally believe that it wont look dumb if done right since boob window can be remedied with inner/bodypaint. I'm more concerned with how they'd handle the outfit shape since most female basewears look like they're painted onto the chara with how tight those are lol
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    in other news, accept your angular tits.

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    end result has announced nothing change lol

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    Not the best election results, but there's still some neat stuff on the way. I especially look forward to the new outerwears for boys and all the dapper stuff ladies are gonna get.

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