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    Default update shenanigans again (user, authorizations etc)

    So, PSO2 has always been a chore to update on my machine, ever since I got to windows 10.
    Every single update that comes, it wipes all my users, all my authorizations, etc and replaces them with System. so every week for the past 2 years, I had to go to the pso-bin folder, go to properties and do a mass replace of all security details of every file.
    Now, I had to do it once to update the launcher, and when the launcher updated I had to do it again for the exe, the cloud exe, etc.
    This week, it decided to replace all my users by a new profile with an unknown icon by the name of S-1-0 which I cannot find anywhere so I can't add it to the main pso.bin directory or anything.

    So now I do the usual chore, but then when launcher is updated it suddenly cannot launch or update any file, then even the launcher gets corrupted and I have to start at step 1.

    So... what now? I am not reinstalling and redownlaoading 70gb. Do I reach support? (I speak japanese anway) Or does anybody see where the problem could be?


    For what it's worth:
    start launcher (it says it downloaded the new version)
    -> leave that notification open so that launcher is still active!
    -> go through every file and check users and auths
    -> when you see one with the s-1-0 profile, delete the profile and pick up auths from the folder above (it's called vererben in german but I don't know the term in english)
    -> do that for every file and also in sys and images

    click on the notification from the laucher so that it closes and updates files

    -> go through every file again and erase the s-0-1 profile from every file again, and again inherit permissions and users from the folder above
    -> use the launcher again

    so far it's starting the updating process "as per usual".
    I'm definetely giving Sega an earful about this.
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