Hi, as stated on the title I have a few questions and some some tips.
I have played nearly all PS games after the Traditional RPGs, I decided to replay this and decideed to go solowhich I did on PSO, PSZ, PSO2 and PS Nova.
My questions are how do I maximize my damage in PSP2/PSP2i and maybe PSP1? I will be honest I played 2 and Infinity but not 1 and I wanna try that first before replaying 2 and 2i. I am asking as I feel my Hunter Cast's damage is low, I do keep a Rifle or Twinhandgun for those melee resistamt enemies. I also use elemental weaknesses too.
How do I maximize my Range Damage? It feels the clunky to me as rqther than PAs it uses Charge Shots with Buplets.
Finally any way to deal good damage within 6-10 or mqybe 15 max chain? I do rarely bring AIs on some but they either breqk it early or sometimes I just cannot do more when I have to dodge specially since they consume PP.

Any tips or suggestions are appreciated, I am just to used to Online, Online 2, 0, and Nova.

Sorry for typos, my thumbs are a little thick so I can't help pushing the wrong letter at times and my Smartphone's Keyboard Blocks the are where I type.