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    A random sword that broke Persona's Coat Edge D? I don't think so lol. This looks like the perfect excuse for him to switch to Coat Doublis D
    Persona was using the Doublis D in his fight with Ash during the Darker attack on Themis, with his mask having the scar mark on the forehead after previously being damage free in this first appearance in the first episode.

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    My favourite part about this episode is that Pati and Tea are actually using video recorders and taking notes on their information hunt. I kinda hoped they'd used a Mag as a recorder but this is fine.

    I like that they lay some foreshadowing for Melrandia being invested in Afin's story arc rather than just her conveniently getting involved out of nowhere like in the game. Also liking that Sara and Melrandia could be friends in this continuity.

    I'm pretty sure Huey could bench way more than that since he's superhuman but then again, ARKS probably use heavier plates than what people in real life do.

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    Well, I felt dumb again reading Eucie, as dumb as I felt the time I read Yushis then later discovered it was Eusis (main character in Phantasy Star 2).

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    Looks like the next episode may be Mining Base time. This could be a perfect wrap up for Apprentice's arc, since after this will be 5 episodes remaining. They still have to touch of Double leading into Profound Darkness. Harukotan be damned.
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