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    Quote Originally Posted by Krystalwitch View Post
    So, with that in mind, what should be considered as more correct? An official source, which does actually give room to think that, even if not flawless, it's mostly well done in regards of naming romanization... or any type of fan translation that changes names with no real reason at all and deliberately ignoring official sources? So let me insist that it's not that much a matter of preference but more like official vs fan source.
    Ok so some food for thought.
    - translating is always betraying and interpreting the source material to adapt it into the target language. There is no such thing as a "right" or "correct" answer. It's really more of an "akwardness" scale level.
    - When translating you're constantly faced with dilemmas, and one of them is how much you betray the original source to make sense in the target language. the "darker" vs "falspawn" deal is a perfect example of that. The first one attempts to stay true and consistent to the original word while the other chooses to forsake the original word for a new one that gives more context, but also strays from the original. You can't argue either is better, as it will literally depend on people. Some will prefer darker because it sounds nice and directly convey the menace aspect of these beasties + the dark vs photon opposition just makes sense, while "falspawn" sounds more akward. Others will prefer "falspawn" because it directly tells you there is a bigger baddie behind said beasties. the "profound" vs "unfathomable" and other changes follow the exact same logic.

    All of this rambling to say that basically as long as the translation makes sense and at least conveys the original message/doesn't miss any meaning or reference, then it's all good. So far I agree most of the official translation choices made sense although I sometimes prefer some of the fan translation as well.

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    As part of the fan translation team, I see what we do as striving to maintain accuracy from the source material. Unfortunately this causes us to go back a lot and change things which isn't very ideal.

    SEGA on the other hand, can ask for clarification on what they were trying to convey vs our interpretation of it, and bring a proper experience that we could ever do by editing game files.

    That said, SEGA's translation team has done questionable things before, but atleast they've tried, and that's A for effort.
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    Oh no! What am i going to do, this was my whole entire life, and now it's going to be gone. :C Guess i'll just go and troll other proxies. \_(ツ)_/

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    At least in the original series Profound Darkness makes more sense given that profound is a synonym of great, and the other entity is The Great Light.
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    Too bad the GL Doesn't exist anymore.
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    Luther's transformation lacked impact. I'm glad we had more info on Xion's past.

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    More to visual info tho

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    Speculation is finally over, Apprentice revealed herself just like that, and no Harkotan seems more possible than ever, in the game Double does most of its eating in Lilipa anyway...

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    While I do like that the Council of Six (including Quna, who has never been seen fighting alongside them in the game) is actually involved in the final battle with Luther, everything else about the fight is underwhelming. Ash and Matoi were utterly useless beyond Ash tanking the giant Loser laser (which I'm pretty sure they all could've dodged) and Luther doesn't even transform into either Falz Angel or Dark Falz Loser. Luther also goes down way too easily once the Council stepped in.

    The rest of the episode was fine. For starters, aside from hinting at Io's crush on Ash, I love that Matoi is present during Klarisklays's emotional moment (with clothes-less Lilipans for some reason), foreshadowing their friendship later on. Oh, and I think Zeno and Echo are officially dating now which is nice compared to how the game kept them in the friendzone (Game Spoiler) until EP5 and even then, getting married (off-screen, no less) without prior showing them dating was a little weird.

    The new OP's good but I love the ED more not only because of how upbeat the song is but unlike the old ED, stuff's actually happening and shows the other characters lives outside of their jobs. Kinda wished that could've been seen in the episodes themselves since it would've helped make it easier for the audience to connect with the characters.

    Disappointed that Matoi's wearing her trash EP3 outfit. The Liberty Cluster outfit was perfect as it was.

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    Ash parried that beam just to absorb a part of Luther, they made it clear against Hunar, and now there. At least they used Angel music, they didn't use any game music against Elder.

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    Quote Originally Posted by loafhero View Post
    Ash and Matoi were utterly useless beyond Ash tanking the giant Loser laser.
    I actually think this was a good decision. Ash and Matoi are still newbs and yet they're facing one of the most menacing beings known to Arks. It's only natural the Council of Six would deal with most of it.

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