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    Why would the cast of Generations of Doom be in EP4?
    cuz Alisa III had arrived at Earth through a black hole, based on Luin's (Aron) ending. Yet, we don't know exactly when, while EP4 took place in year 2028.
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    Just realized I stopped watching around Episode 12 so today I binged the rest in one go. I must say I actually quite enjoyed the show. Also I now kinda want the OST for the new Tracks.
    ... On a side note maybe it was mentioned already but did the get a EP6 Final Boss Preview? In Episode 22 where Luther explained the creation of the Profound Darkness they showed a Image of the Original one and the Zoom up kinda reminded me of the thing they showed in the Update Preview, you know after the new Successor class, that thing with the too many eyes.

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