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    Quote Originally Posted by Kril View Post
    is it bad i got 2 on initial release, threw one away because i hated JB's at the time? and left the other to rot in storage thinking id use the SAF but never did, forever +4
    the weapon sucks and the saf is only useful for JB/DB in a practical sense so no you good homie

    despite me saying this, i've used the saf in all 6 of my rainbow DBs so l;skdfjlskdfjslkdjghs;dlfgasj

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kondibon View Post
    My worst moment was joining PSO-W now that I think about it.
    Used to be much much worse. These times are very tame compared to PSO/PSU heyday.
    DC PSO: Silhouette HUnewearl 100 102 (Ver.2)
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    Actually My worse moment might be discovering Phantasy Star exists as a whole...
    PSO2 (NA):

    Ship 2 Hu-lvl 20

    Ship 1 BO lvl 3

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    Worse moments, reintroducing this dragon EQ is rage inducing.
    Every goddamned rematch I get on expert mode, there's one idiot that takes the sword and spams normal attacks after I break the blue spots.
    I have to wait for his timer to run out or if he's crap at blocking, wait for his HP to reach 0 and camp the spot where the sword would spawn.
    It's almost 2020, at least learn to charge the damned PA.

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    EP5's lack of content and generic themes

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    Quote Originally Posted by rokkuman View Post
    EP5's lack of content and generic themes
    the fact i know the attack of clones will never be a reality in BQ and TD EQs ):

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    I'd have to say...

    Targeting the wrong arms on Elder, the goddamn DDOS attack and resulting ISP blocks, TD2 fails (TD3 was harder but TD2 just snowballed out of control the moment that wall broke,) the community moralizing skill in a video game, early Hero, the community getting ridiculously mad about Summoner because it doesn't look "badass" enough, losing my friggin mind over expert matching insecurity, and accidentally deleting an important Atlas EX ingredient.

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    Mine is not being able to play the game on launch.

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