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    Quote Originally Posted by Maninbluejumpsuit View Post
    OT grinding.
    The dark days before multi affix search in the player shops.
    Also, the days when your fodders had to have the same number of affixes as your weapon or unit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zorak000 View Post
    watching a friend burn out extremely hard, to the point of actively hating the game, because they couldn't get a hold of a Guild Milla back during episode 2 (the drop rate on elder 11*s was better once they released super hard elder, as well as letting them drop in some of the mining bases)
    Ah the days of single-run-EQ-only super-duper rare weapons. Just had to make do with visophone-ing + AQing your way to weapons you could realistically earn.

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    Aside from the bs affix fails...

    I suppose TD3 salt back in the day 'cause of leechers, poor AIS management, ungrinded weaps, yadda-yadda-yadda....

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    The absolute pain of Matter Board completion
    "Blacker than a moonless night, hotter and more bitter than hell itself... that is coffee."
    - Godot, Ace Attorney 3

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    RNG mechanics in general.

    And to be honest, the story, IMO.
    Do you have ANY bug in PSO2? Are you creating yet another thread about how you can't take screenshots, your game crashes, or textures are missing AGAIN? Do you NOT search the forum before asking? Then the L.A.W. FIX is for YOU!

    It's EASY! Just go: Tweaker -> [!] button -> Other tasks -> Enable Large Address Aware, and you're DONE! Just remember to do it EVERY UPDATE!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheFanaticViper View Post
    The absolute pain of Matter Board completion
    I actually miss that. It gave more purpose to the story mode.
    Fan Art of my Character & Matoi Defending a City

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    Quote Originally Posted by the_importer_ View Post
    I actually miss that. It gave more purpose to the story mode.
    the armors rewards was good back then , now im sure soon im gonna need materials for my 4th character armor

    also IMO TD3 its still hard even on today standarts , more than TD4

    and what piss me off beside EP4 it self its the negligence on gear quality , i always find people who are one shot all the time and die many times in a round .

    hell even when i play as a FO/TE (i know i shouldnt be hit) i need 2 hits to die and a hunter with full HP die in 1 shot WTH and my armors are not the great marvel , it just have 4 effects the 2 key ones are stamina 3 and all resist 3
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    630 after long run of Free field right before a Boss fight
    630 in EQ right after Boss's death - no loot and no rematch either...
    Las Vegas Free field

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    My worst moment is join in that NA team.

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    13* weapons being released early
    Episode 2 balance
    Episode 3 in general, boots were a mistake
    Episode 4 story, eqs
    Episode 5 legacy babies being mutilated by sega
    Episode 6 lmao no content to shit on

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