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    Default Worse moments of PSO

    Who remembers thier worse moments while playing PSO?
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    When the very first wave of CK started. I still remember the name of the HUmar that killed me on the ship: KILLERKRONIK. I never saw him again after that.
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    I'm going with that time my VMU file corrupted and I lost my RAmar. Some very nice people online had gave me some nice rare items too. Then one day my DC wouldn't connect to the server and after that my character wouldn't load. I was very sad.

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    Finding out that I couldn't play online on the Gamecube version a few months after playing offline regularly because I was one of those kids who threw out the game cases and kept the discs in a binder. On the upside, before that happened, in anticipation for playing online, I did convince my mom to get us cable broadband instead of the dial-up we had.
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    When I turned off my GC too soon, corrupting my save file. 14 yo me died inside ;_;

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    You might be able to save them with an app on the Wii, I think there might even be a way to do it on GameCube.
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    When I picked such a where playtype.

    I played a Fomar Bluefull on GC then when Fomar Yellowboze on BB. I just couldn't shake being the odd one out while my friends were playing pinkal casters and skyly hunters.


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    Well this one isnt technically IN game but it has to do with the game. It was the time when I walked into my local game store and almost didnt pick this game up off the shelf. I was super skeptical of it at first but I thought what the hecks, I love scifi, lets go for it. Best decision i ever made in my life with a 80% chance I would have just said "no thanks" and never build all the amazing experiences I had with the game and my local friends. To me thats terrifying and considered a not so good moment.

    IN game I would say making it all the way to the gol dragon after hours of play, a few level ups and a rare drop, my parents found out I was up too late for their liking. CLICK. all progress lost. I was not happy that night.

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    I remember grinding for months on the GameCube version, hopping onto Online for the first time in a long time and this RACAST called Optimus_Prime crashed the lobby and caused my memory card to corrupt.

    Worst moment ever.

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