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    Quote Originally Posted by Reilet View Post
    You can also go out of bounds and skip the entire first area to clear it in mere minutes... But you will only get a B rank.
    Out of bounds? how?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dark Mits View Post
    But this isn't guruguru, unless the true experts somehow manage to speedrun it in 5mins as I say. My runs were between 15-20mins in a group of 3 experts and 1 non-expert (with me as the non-expert). The exact same group of us have been doing 7min runs of DF Persona triggers.

    I haven't really noticed how more difficult the quest becomes with triggering the lasers. I mean, I have noticed the extra turrets spawning, but these simply "help" in slowing down the pace even more. The final boss even at Danger Level 3 died in less than 40seconds with 2 players only activating Dark Blast. It died in 25seconds at Danger level 1.

    Please note, I didn't say that it should be 8man/12man as a requirement, just allow it to scale that high. When you have a "friend circle" of 6-8 people, you somehow want to all do the content together.

    I have Defense Tech ring. Doesn't do shit.
    good groups do 5-6min depending on spawn/boss. solo is 8-12min for phantom.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Loyd Azakuya View Post
    Out of bounds? how?
    I'm not responsible for what happens.

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    I wonder if Sega actively looks for people who somehow get out-of-bounds and then try to fix the exploit and revert progress on those players, or if they just shrug it off because "these people may pay us"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reilet View Post
    lol, looks like fun if you can explore the oob area.
    Just using it to skip the area looks boring, though.

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