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    SEGA decided within 24 hours of release that Atlas Ex Takt shouldn't be good.
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    Well... that sucks.

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    Of course, after all we can't have nice things.

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    SEGA confirmed traumatized by SU/GU xD. That one wasn't even especially game-breaking since you use up a resource that's only available once per quest but oh well

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    The death limit removal really sucks.
    Damage was never that high, but now it's really ridiculous.
    I guess it's a good source of reverie boosting fodders and S slotted weapons but meh.
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    red dragon now drops chronos stone and rematch dragon had its rates buffed 14 red dragon chronos within the 1st 2 eqs and 23 rematch dragon chronos

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    I guess this UH dragon is a longer roller coaster with better candies.

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    Hopefully more Vals will drop with Exceed Energy and a Mark at the same time plus other power boosting enhancements.

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