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    Probably joining the first team I was in and all the memories made with folks there. Or when I finally unlocked Fighter, Gunner and Techer despite how painful it was. Another strong contender is any time the MPA is a little lacking so the EQs go on a bit longer. Adds a bit of tension to some fights when everyone isn't bullying the boss.
    I also have fond memories of the first team I joined. I was really young back then (12 yo) and didn't even speak english as fluently as I do today, so I must've been quite annoying for them despite the fun times we had.
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    - Episode One Dark Falz Elder boss battle is probably my first best Action MMORPG battle memory for me.

    - Episode One Ending where Quna sing "Eternal Encore" for Hardred for final time. This is also the scene that made me stay with PSO2 for all this time.

    - Episode Two Mothership storyquest and Dark Falz Loser battle is majestic and very sad at the same time as we SEA region people are about to got mass IP blocked

    - Survived TD3 with one tower left and everyone is clearly work hard but a bit undergear.
    entire Emergency Quest is very tense, music is PERFECTLY FIT and number of Darker mobs made situation worse for everyone at that time.

    - Episode Three from Final Story Quest to Profound Darkness battle is damn AWESOME the flower fields at the end really beautifully done

    - Joined current Team since EP3 and staying with them to this day
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    The moment I realised that unlike many other weapons Guld Milla wasn't just a another shitty gimmick and actually lived up to its PSO 1 counterpart... and then they turned it into a shitty gimmick. -.-

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    Another good moment is seeing Ragne mating with towers for the 1st time in TDVR.

    I was like, "Oh shiiieeet!!!"

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    -Watching this forum lose its shit over bikinis

    -The absolute chaos that was Apos Dorios and Dark Falz Loser on launch
    --All the jokes people came up with about those two (including Apples Doritos, Clipart Loser, and a whole lotta Loser puns)
    -Teaming up with a fellow Force friend to put TD2 on lockdown
    --The strange kind of senpai-kohai relationship it felt like tag-teaming with a better-equipped and more skilled Force
    -Moving from Ship 2 to Ship 10 and making some irreplaceable friends over there
    -S-ranking TD3 back when it was That One EQ

    -Challenge Mode in general and getting an Ideal Ster in particular (I still use it as my FI's weapon form)
    -Finishing the farm for an OT Austere weapon (I still have it in my storage)
    -Sniping Magatsu like mad with a Bullet Bow
    --Hell, Magatsu in general when it was relevant

    -Making jokes about how bonkers the Yamato EQ is
    -The Profound Darkness buff
    -The mere fact that I was once in a team called Young Meseta
    -Actual, honest-to-god RPing in PSO2
    -The absolute chaos that was TDVR on launch
    -Killing God when the final phase was still a tight DPS race
    --Calling Deus ESCA "God" in the first place

    -Beating solo Persona for the first time

    -Unlocking Expert Matching after angsting about it
    -Beating solo UH PD today by finally figuring out how the grab works
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