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    Default Been away from pso2 jp, any English player still play?

    Title says it all, any groups I can join if I relog on pso2?

    I remember I had all classes including summoner, each at lvl 70

    ... weird how accidentally clicking the anime on youtube, reminded me of this... a lot of eye rolling was involved

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    The new anime is really good, it's an adaption of Ep 1-3 with some nice changes and new scenes.

    That aside the English language community is bigger than ever, a while back when ship 2 turned into a ghost town Sega gave people stuff for making new characters on ship 2 and now it's decently full almost all the time.

    Also, Sega improved the game A LOT since the ep 4 and that makes many people play more often.

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    Also the fact that PSO2 is finally coming West in spring, so alot of potential players are waiting for that instead of playin on jp server.

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