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    Default AC SCRATCH: IDOLA 1st Anniversary (06 NOV 19 - 04 DEC 19)

    What I really, really want are the Popona Hair, Rosalinde's camo, and those LAs, but I feel that I may not have enough, especially if I want to be able to do some affxing next week.

    Also, revival of Helios Dirah Crimson and Careterra Wind Crimson to cosplay as Law and Chaos Matoi was unexpected.
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    Why did they have to go and add that stupid arm shield to the sword form of rosalinde's camo :/

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    I wanted Rosalinde regular Hair since the moment she was announced last year, but they picked the L version instead of the regular one /:
    Nothing else in this scratch got my attention, though on the bright side, the revivals/recolors are super cheap and they are stuff I wanted, so I guess it was worth it in the end.

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    They did choose the regular hairstyle for Rosalinde, Her regular and law versions both have the same ponytail hairstyle except the law version has more hair undone than the neutral one. The hairstyle probably didn't translate well into 3D and that's most likely why it looks a bit weird.
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    Wish they had Law Jasper but oh well. At least the camos are cool
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    in other news, accept your angular tits.

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    The part I dont like are the bangs. The regular one has them swept to one side making them look asymetric. The L version looks more symetric instead.

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    i love it. Finally a sword and shield camo that doesn't force me to waste a acc slot.

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    Tested Wyndis and I realized I don't like the skirt style that much. End up getting Stella outfit instead and seriously it has the best shoes I've ever seen yet for me. NO REGRETS. I also don't like Stella's hair that much so that saves me lots of cash!

    Just one more thing though, still thinking whether I want to get Stella's rod or not.

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    Why did they have to go and add that stupid arm shield to the sword form of rosalinde's camo :/
    Uhh I can feel this. I just want the swordd.
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    I spent all of my AC Scratch Tickets on this and got absolutely nothing out of it. 10/10
    Le Temps Detruit Tout
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    I am literally not dealing with this.

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    Got Popona Waist Decoration yesterday for 15 mil and just few hours ago saw it for 10 mil. Got disappointed.
    Today it's over 57 mil... OMG.

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