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    Hey there,

    Just started an account and this seemed like a good place to dive in. I don't know how long of an intro people like to see but I played PSO on GameCube when I was in high school with a buddy of mine and over 15 years later, we still think about those days. Magical!

    Also, and I hope this kind of crossposting isn't frowned upon, but I just made a post about a side project I just started. I'm going to try and do some 3D models or figurines of the PSO 1&2 classes starting with chess pieces of all the characters. 3D printing is finiky and I'm not close to that stage obviously (I just started) but, hey, dare to dream, right? I like how holding something in your hands can really change how you appreciate it. It's a real thing at that point, or at least it's a way to make something we like to feel real in a new way (not to bad mouth illustrations or anything).

    Anyway, I'm kinda pumped, so if anyone has any experience with modeling and 3D printing and they want to offer some opinions, I'm all ears.

    Here's the post:

    Good to meet you all!

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    Your intro was just fine and good luck with your figures. It's a great idea.

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