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    Default Hobbies besides gaming

    Hey there. Can you tell about your non-gaming related hobbies?

    I'll start. My hobbies are painting and modeling, I had a big collection of painted Warhammer figures, mostly chaos space marines, which I sold a year ago. Nowadays my hobbies are more outdoor-related, not extreme as mountain climbing, but hiking and camping. My biggest trip was around Yellowstone national park. I packed my backpack according to articles on Cleverwander blog and it was a really exciting adventure. I plan a trip to the nearest forest this weekend by the way.

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    Hi! In my case I like watching sports. I am a sports fan and I also like betting on them. In those days of quarrantine there's no activity at all, but I am just waiting to finish the breakdown to enjoy watching and gambling again. In the meantime, I am surfing the internet to do research related to different sport sites. Ive found Wincatchers, an amazing platform that gives you pric, just by reading this revieweless information about different legal bookmakers. Thats I knew Cluodbet, and now I am using this site a lot.
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    watch series and cartoons/anime , take my dog to long laps, go to movie theater, and random activities whenever its possible

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    Besides gaming, I love to produce music, do some mixing and editing. I also like to watch movies and Web series. I love to play basketball and I even go out t watch live games.

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    Being a football fan it makes me excited playing football, watching football broadcasts, playing fifa, and bet on sport Betsofa as well.

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    Play (wishful thinking in the last few months) and watch sports, anime and history. Can waste hours on articles and Wikipedia if I don't have any pressing matters to get done.
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