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    Default Hobbies besides gaming

    Hey there. Can you tell about your non-gaming related hobbies?

    I'll start. My hobbies are painting and modeling, I had a big collection of painted Warhammer figures, mostly chaos space marines, which I sold a year ago. Nowadays my hobbies are more outdoor-related, not extreme as mountain climbing, but hiking and camping. My biggest trip was around Yellowstone national park. I packed my backpack according to articles on Cleverwander blog and it was a really exciting adventure. I plan a trip to the nearest forest this weekend by the way.

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    Hi! In my case I like watching sports. I am a sports fan and I also like betting on them. In those days of quarrantine there's no activity at all, but I am just waiting to finish the breakdown to enjoy watching and gambling again. In the meantime, I am surfing the internet to do research related to different sport sites. I´ve found Wincatchers, an amazing platform that gives you pric, just by reading this revieweless information about different legal bookmakers. That´s I knew Cluodbet, and now I am using this site a lot.
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    watch series and cartoons/anime , take my dog to long laps, go to movie theater, and random activities whenever its possible

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    Besides gaming, I love to produce music, do some mixing and editing. I also like to watch movies and Web series. I love to play basketball and I even go out t watch live games.

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    Being a football fan it makes me excited playing football, watching football broadcasts, playing fifa, and bet on sport Betsofa as well.

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    Play (wishful thinking in the last few months) and watch sports, anime and history. Can waste hours on articles and Wikipedia if I don't have any pressing matters to get done.
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