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    Quote Originally Posted by Rukyius View Post
    Yes yes, we all know it's common for things to get crazy when we get release in multiple countries, but can we just enjoy the fact that it's getting around? We're being far too negative over translations. I get it no one wants their name butchered and so on but I'm just seeing a lot of pitchforks and torches over very little things.

    Personally I'm just happy im going to be able to play with friends who aren't tech savy to play the jp, or don't have a pc.

    This is a wonderful series and I'm just glad it's getting more light to new people
    The main problem was the translations were simply inaccurate and why change if it's not broken. Don't generalize someone who are "I'm used to this, therefore this is correct" in this issue. Isn't it better if we have matching terminologies/meaning/etc with other countries (unless it's broken). Changing without good reason will just create more barriers between countries.
    Even though they're little things, we learned something and may be useful in future cases that we don't know. If you have nothing to contribute to conclude the issue then don't bother. More importantly, discuss something else you like and have fun.

    Tbh, I appreciate people debating these translation issues and learning from it which also benefits other readers, rather than ignoring it and ignorance to other people who can't understand the said language. This also applies to other issues that are often in our blind spot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by landman View Post
    ikr? unforgivable

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    The only reason why I dislike some of the re-names from the tweaker translations is just cus I personally feel like they feel a bit more clunky to say and dont flow off the tongue as well as the old ones.

    Techer feels pretty natural, but Techter has that extra syllable that just kinda breaks the flow for me.
    Mel is just kinda a weird choice for a shortening imo, especially since it doesn't even sound like Melee when you say it out loud.

    as for the font, I feel like the thick font in pso2JP has a charm to it that adds to the style of the game, the thin font just feels kind of out of place in comparison to the rest of the artstyle of the game imo.

    These are all very nitpicky and I'll likely still pop into the NA release anyways, but they're just a few things that bug me a tiny bit.

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    So far, my only gripe is the Stat abbreviations. I honestly would have liked if they had gone with something that calls back to PSO's ATP and PSU's TP like with a simple MP, RP, and TP, and MD, RD, and TD for the defense stats. The ones they are using just feel a bit off since they aren't "standardized."
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    Quote Originally Posted by landman View Post
    Gun Blade is fine, Soaring Blades is still no excuse to get Double Saber confused for Twin Sabers or Dual Blades
    Quote Originally Posted by ZerotakerZX - the man stuck in 2014 View Post
    Kewl, I'm using double set still, since when crafted stat boosts can overcome any full 12* set.

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    I agree with that, I even had to search what soaring meant, and not even translated to my language makes sense to me I'm gonna guess it's something related to swordfight kung fu movies since bouncer is all about that

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    Quote Originally Posted by XrosBlader821 View Post

    Looks like Gunslashes are called Gunblades now
    I'm glad with this translation. I've been calling it that for the last 8 years. I just can't wrap my head around "Gunslash".
    People in general of course know what I mean because... they're gunblades.

    See "defenders"? I don't "whine" or get "butthurt" just because translations aren't the same as the main version/psumods/tweaker's english patch.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kril View Post
    Gun Blade is fine, Soaring Blades is still no excuse to get Double Saber confused for Twin Sabers or Dual Blades
    Can't remember every weapon off the top of my head, but I've been calling them:

    Wired Claws
    Twin Daggers
    Mechguns (Or just Mechs)

    EDIT: I just realized I can't remember what the translation called Wired Claws at all... what are they called with the English patch again?
    Seriously. I can't remember.

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    Quote Originally Posted by otakun View Post
    If the font is really that bad cant the tweaker be used to retranslate the text? lol
    That's not how that works.

    As for this debaucle with translations. They're another way of translating it, whether you agree with them or not is your opinion, the choice is that if you don't like them, you avoid them. Same goes with our translations for PSO2 JP. You always have the option on both PSO2NA and PSO2JP to just use japanese text.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xerenia View Post
    Oh no! What am i going to do, this was my whole entire life, and now it's going to be gone. :C Guess i'll just go and troll other proxies. \_(ツ)_/

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