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    Default Winter player survery is live, ends 1/8

    PSO2 team do take these survery into account.
    THis one is mainly about ep.6 all the job class, the new quest and other stuff.
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    Alright, time to annoy them for more Hr buffs for reasons!

    Seriously though, what are some sticking points people actually have these days? Mine are mostly the 1300 title requirement for a liberate unlocker, S ability capsules still victims of distribution time limits (S4 raising pursuit), and the lack of variety in moderately sized swords.

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    Hr buffs definitely need to happen but I'd actually advocate that the class skill tree needs an overhaul to make it subclass friendly.
    Now that Etoile is a thing maybe we can finally convince Sega to unclunkyfy some Techtor mechanics.
    Wand gear is still a useless mechanic when its gonna be maxed out at all time by Wand Lovers anyway.
    There is no downsides to having wand lovers active at all time so why not make it a passive and save me precious subpallette slots?
    Same thing goes for Wand Gear Element skill. Another needless button on my subpallette.
    Ignition skills (Poison Ignition, Freeze ignition) are still completely useless and the cost for Status effect masteries are still too high for how little benefits they provide. Also Te really need mainclass only Tech damage boost for Talis otherwise that weapon continues to be very non useful unless you are fighting literally 2 bosses who adapt weapon resistance.

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    1) We need upgrade paths for old / obsolete / heavily stacking materials/tickets/etc. What I mean is that we need a way to upgrade Ability Affix +10% to +20%, those to +30% and those to +40%.
    Same for Triboosts (50% -> 100% -> 150%, or to EX variants), RDR, Exp, Meseta

    2) We need sinks for Goldiarias, Goldams, Goldialegs and Promechits.

    3) Allow FUN tickets to be recycled similar to SG (40 FUN tickets -> 1 item that you want from the scratch)

    4) Excube vendor value should be changed to 12000 meseta. Get rid of the intermediate exchange to grinders.

    5) Stat food update:
    i) Move stat-increasing foods (S/R/T/ATK+30, PP+3 and ATK+30) to the green category, allow stacking with Jerky / Marinade / Meat Stir Fry.
    ii) New food recipes that use 7* fish/materials that increase stats higher than Jerky, Marinade, Meat Stir Fry.
    iii) Allow Karaage to stack with Jerky / Marinade / Meat Stir Fry

    7) Extend usefulness of Support Partner. Random ideas below:
    i) Unlock Successor classes on it.
    ii) Add Friendship bar that rewards Class Cubes based on Partner's class.
    iii) Allow Client Orders assigned to Support Partner to be progressed by the Player (effectively extending number of active COs).
    iv) Allow 1 Support Partner to be summoned as 5th member in any quest that allows NPC invitations to group. Double rate of all Collect COs when Support Partner is present. Increase number of enemies per wave, Rare Enemy rate and Red Emergency Code rate when Support Partner is in party.
    v) Implement Support Partner Storage (1 slot per maxxed class).

    8 ) Increase rewards from Client Orders, especially those from Shop Area.
    Reduce or remove cooldown of Franca COs. We need to get rid of those 999 stacks.

    9) Extend PSO2es x PSO2 utility:
    i) Allow completing daily crafting orders from PSO2es.
    ii) Allow player order crafting requests to be done from PSO2es as well.

    These are just some ideas.

    I'm offtopic, aren't I?
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    Filled it!

    I personally just want Gu can choose between it's own normal attack + weapon action, with Hr's normal attack + weapon action .....
    Also, I want that Hr's Tmg PA on Gu too .... I want that pin point attack, Moment of Trick :/

    And .... I forgot to ask for Hr's ability to be used as Subclass too :/

    Edit : I also forgot to ask for more customization on AIS ..... more quest with AIS, like Armada
    Oh well .... at least I told them AIS is very fun
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dark Mits View Post
    2) We need sinks for Goldiarias, Goldests, Goldgrimos and Promechits.
    I'm curious why you keep saying this. They aren't supposed to be rare anymore. Adding a sink for them would just make weapon category changing more of a hassle for people who do it often.
    Quote Originally Posted by Dark Mits View Post
    4) Excube vendor value should be changed to 12000 meseta. Get rid of the intermediate exchange to grinders.
    I like this idea though.

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    I'd ask for 2 new Daily Orders, where we could dump our minerals and jewels and get some exp and meseta.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrCatco View Post
    I'd ask for 2 new Daily Orders, where we could dump our minerals and jewels and get some exp and meseta.
    yeah i want to dump all the crystals for craft armors , i never pay attention to that feature

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    Extend usefulness of Support Partner
    I wish we could assign them to do Yerkes’ COs. This would make them infinitely more useful.

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    Revive the OT weapons necessary for OT weapon grind titles, such as Floating Edges etc.
    Le Temps Detruit Tout
    Quote Originally Posted by Maenara View Post
    I am literally not dealing with this.

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