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    Default Returning after two years! Seeking guidance

    I know that there are the two classes that require multiple classes leveled. Beyond that... I'm not sure what I should be aiming for. I have a few classes to 70 already with some decent weapons, but is this a dry time to play?

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    if you want to max out every class the soonest posible :
    1 do the 4 feature quests for random boxes
    2 do all arks daily and weekly missions for 400k daily exp and silver passes
    3 spam the 4th FQ or the LQ of the moment if its worth

    about equipment
    1 atlas , lightstream and novel weapons are the strongest and easiest to get , just investigate in the arks visiphone wiki and get whichever convince you the most
    2 evelda units and novel units are also the easiest ones to get , just buy whichever call your attention

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    addition 200% exp boost days on 2nd of every month(and 22th if you are premium )
    100% exp boost days on tuesday from 2/11 to 3/31

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