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Thread: New PSO2 CERO

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dark Mits View Post
    I haven't noticed any blood blops or sputter anywhere. The closest I've seen in the story is exactly that, the non-realistic dark spray when Matoi is stabbed.
    Also, the most revealing outfits are the summer bikinis which do not reveal any of the "mature" parts of a body, except maybe sideboob. Even Bluesy Requiem's outfit is covering more parts than Summer Seraphy's.
    Regarding animations, we have some ass-shaking, some pole-dancing (it's awesome on a RAcast), some chair-dancing and... that's it.
    You say dark spray, but one scene I remember (mainly because it's what I last played in the story so it's easier for me to remember even though it's been since last summer) is this scene.
    There's others like this, but I just can't pinpoint it as easily.

    Spoilers obviously:


    Yeah, you can say "Reddish purple", but it's still reddish nonetheless and you know what it's meant to be.

    Also from experience of seeing someone bleeding out of the mouth that is very thick personally in real life... it is that dark. Almost dark purple looking. Not a pretty sight... Don't ask.

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    I'll be honest, I didn't remember this cutscene at all. So my earlier comment is indeed invalid, as realistic blood automatically makes a game acquire M / 17+ rating.

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    and despite that classification , still its gonna be censor somehow

    i wonder if they will censor the fact that Matoi its bisexual : remind you a scene in shironia in which Sukuna realize MatoiĘs feeling to MC .

    if you are male : she just deny it . but if you are female : she enters in panic arguing that both are girls

    Sukuna : and why that should stop you , if the feeling its honest , there its nothing to be ashame of

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dark Mits View Post
    I still can't understand why it got such high rating... the game doesn't even show blood. Closest we've seen is this dark particles spray effect when someone is stabbed. The only "mature" content it has is some outfits, and even then those are not really that much suggestive.

    ...Was it B-007?
    Its time for another "Bruhhh...." moment.


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    Shall we also bring up the scene in EP4 where Hitsugi is literally stabbed by Kohri's Cursed Sword Gram, resulting in a rather grotesque blood spray? Yes it looks like pink goop, but regardless, the effect is there that THAT specific scene isn't something for young eyes.
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