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    Default Thoughts on the FFVII remake demo

    Personally i thought it didn't disappoint it was a whole lot of fun, combat system feels smooth and challenging and had a much deeper emphasis on certain aspects such as the Guard Scorpion battle.

    Classic Mode was fun as well. Even if it was easy.

    There are however a few concerns that really is starting to have me worried.

    -Episode format-

    I understand why they had to do it, but the thing is SE has become sort of a monster lately with money...not to mention they seem to take a bit too much time with their games.... not that it's a bad thing but given recent events,....Well not a lot of goodwill on that front... (of course they are a company...So they have to make money,) But then again if you want the product to be the best it can be what can you do?

    -Combat System-

    Now i would absolutely be lying if i said the Combat system wasn't good. In fact it's better than i expected so much that was looking forward to every battle in the demo.....However the established pattern does make a cause for concern, aide from the welcome return of 2 Mechanics from a infamous certain pair of games.... I hope they can find a way to change it up or it can get real old real fast. The GS boss was really good change of pace, i Hope they can do more of that in the main game.
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