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    Default XBOX One Servers

    ( :nice to see this website is still active: )

    Just hoping to link up with some active PSO-W players.
    It's been over a decade since i last logged in here.

    Gamertag[s]: elementalotus | Nostril Dogmas | Tears of Noah

    please add me or look me up when the game is active


    *looking for: red_box_diaries
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    I'd be happy to meet up. I will be on ship 2.

    ]The Ragol Trilogy: Ragol's Gift, Ragol's Curse, Ragol's Legacy GT Xbox One: Eries Fury

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    Nostalgic and new players Ship 1
    Veteran players Ship 2

    this is how Twitter has it anyways

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    I am also free to meet up. (Ship 2)
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    I'll be around on Ship 2 as Anamana! will have an open clan called AFFIRM too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by r00tabaga View Post
    Nostalgic and new players Ship 1
    Veteran players Ship 2

    this is how Twitter has it anyways
    I regret to inform you that not all Veteran players are going to ship 2. I'm headed to Ship 1 as well.

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    I'll be on Ship 1 as well. If you are there, I'll add ya

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    Ship 1 : Neileer
    Ship 2: Sinow

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    Default Same here

    I'm a returning player. Always lurking around and rarely login.

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    Ship1 here 29 Ranger RA/GU. Hypnos is game id gt is hypno619 Evil John is my char name.

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