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    Default PSO2 NA is getting a Sonic Collab

    Took them long enough.


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    Quote Originally Posted by rokkuman View Post
    i would buy the hair and the LA .

    a comentary i been saying for years , there has been sonic collabs before and never added shadow shoes as a skin for jetboots?

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    What is Ragol Memory???

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    A trade in item that you get from scratch bonuses. Its used for obtaining PSO costumes and mags.
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    Hey you can use that hairstyle and make a furry sonic with teeth!


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    Why does Sonic's body look like they took parts of Tea's outfit?
    And why is Tails tails so low poly?

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    LOL $60.
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    Someone crunched the numbers and figured the support items alone were worth about $100 on the JP servers.
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    (dirty math of 1USD=100JPY) For the non-support items:
    13USD for 30-Day Premium
    17.50USD for 5 Item Pack expansions (permanent)
    22USD for 12 Scratch Tickets
    40USD for 5 Character Storage Expansions (permanent)
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    I guess that's not that bad then.
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