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    Default Crashes down on First Story Mission

    So after several years of downloading more than 70GB of this game, I finally started playing, only to get stuck at the very first story mission, Which refers you to the shop for the first time. As soon as I accept the quest, my screen goes black and, nothing... absolutely NOTHING for eternity. when I press some buttons my mouse indicator does appear but that's it, it just doesn't go any further! After being so hyped to play the game and stuffs it's been such a huge anti-climax, so please help me fix it.


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    I would suspect it is a corrupted file, which can even happen on a fresh install. If you are using the Tweaker, go to Troubleshooting and run a File Check. I prefer to use the legacy method becuase it goes through and checks the files individually, but it can take a while depending on your HDD's speed.

    Also, just as a precaution, make sure that the PSO2 and the Tweaker folders are set as exclusions in your anti-virus/firewall and in Windows Security (even if it is disabled).

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    its curious that 2 friends had issues yesterday about crashing too , i wonder if the last windows update mess up on ssomething

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    hmm could it possibly be caused by slow internet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CyberAngel View Post
    hmm could it possibly be caused by slow internet?
    It is possible that you were lagging out, but it would have disconnected you and shot you an error 630 after a while.

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    Problem solved by fixing the corrupted files, game is working properly so far. Thanks for the help ^-^

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