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Thread: A few questions

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    In the Shopping Plaza, so to the entrance of Franca's Cafe, but instead of entering in, go down to the next level and you will see a a few shops there, including the FUNporium.

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    How do I use Partner Cards? I have a quest to bring Jan with me on 2 quests and I don't know how to summon him

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    When you are on the gate ship, there is a consol on your left in the center of the window. You select partners there.

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    What is the best thing to feed my mag to raise just Dex? I've been using Sol Atomizers recently

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tigersoul78 View Post
    What is the best thing to feed my mag to raise just Dex? I've been using Sol Atomizers recently
    PA Discs: they give +30 points to DEX as opposed to Sol Atomizer giving +4.
    7* Candy: These give +45 points, but I believe you need to be a Summoner for them to drop.

    Other than that, save up your Photon Spheres and buy the Dex Food Devices Minis from the Photon Sphere Shop.

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    The best way to level really just depends on your style I guess. Some people will obsess over Klein orders and get them all done. But for me, I just like to play through the game normally like I would have if I were playing the original Phantasy Star Online. Stick around and area long enough and you will get emergency Quest. Completed and you get experience, I think anyway. It was just more fun overall than chasing client orders all the time. Especially if you're new at the game. But I would suggest getting of the basic line orders done with because you get a healthy amount of experience.

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    I'm lvl 43 ATM now. Mostly running expeditions and some client orders. Are advanced expeditions worth doing? The only downside is I don't know anyone to run them with

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    AQs are only really good if you have a full party* and trigger a PSE Burst since that creates a continuous spawn of enemies, which is great in AQs that have a good enemy density, like City. Also, I'm not sure if they have implement the always-on EXP boost for AQs that is present in the JP server, so it may not be as lucrative for EXP relatively speaking.

    *Being in a party of 4 players gives everyone in the party a multiplicative 40% EXP Boost (using NPCs still gives a boost, but it is lower).
    Booster Items, like Triboost +100% and EXP +75%, are additive so those two would give you +175%EXP or 275%EXP (100%[base EXP]+100%+75%), but the Party Boost multiplies your Boosters, so instead you get 385% EXP with just a EXP+75% and Tri-boost+100% ([100%+100%+75%]x1.4).

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    What are some of the best Katana PAs to use? I think I'm using some good ones but I'm not totally sure. Also any Katana tips would be great.

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    So, are players still divided between ships on login? What are the most popular ships? Asking for when it's out on PC.

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