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    Default Cant access anything

    Today i come with a peculiar problem
    Now at night i cant access any of the games PSO2, PSOes or login in the SEGA website

    PSO2 gives me the 249 error, with the official launcher sometimes shows the ships offline sometimes online, with the tweaker now, it just crashes the game some minutes ago it did the same as the official
    PSO2es wont even reach the signup part, it just sends the error message of "there is no internet access"
    Now the most worrying part
    I tried to sign in, in pso2jp website but i get a さもそゐか認証に失敗しました。入力内容に誤りがあります。(Input incorrect)
    Renewed my password successfully and still the same, so i tried to access the official support site but it wont load
    For this reason... i think?, that i'm not banned, Not like i have been doing anything weird with my game either

    I have no idea of what is going on since today 25 on the morning PSO2es was working fine and this is a multiple platform problem
    Haven't seen any complaints or any news here or on other sites

    But any idea of what could be happening?

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    ... As many weird problems it solved itself
    Read some stuff, package filtering came as a could be
    Yet yesterday pixiv was not accessible either
    Maybe it was the ISP, or international servers limiting their traffic

    Who knows? But with no official sources its all possibilities
    Well gotta be wary of the news in nippon
    Thanks for the space anyways

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