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    Default PSO2 Puso Ni Comi Anime Subs for your personal Blu-Ray rips

    -These subs were made by Perseonn Balthasaar

    -I extracted them from his 720p Puso Ni Comi MKV files using a freeware called mkvtoolnix and a GUI called gMKVExtractGUI.

    -I ripped all 20 episodes in 1080p from my own Blu-Ray copy of Puso Ni Comi using a program called Make MKV (be careful, the episodes are not in the numbered order when you see the in Make MKV).

    -Make sure that these files are in the same directory of your MKV and that both the MKV and ASS files for each episode have the same name (minus the extension).

    -I will not provide you with my Blu-Ray rips since I don't condone piracy and that these are RAW files, so 15GB for all 20 Episodes.

    EDIT: Fixed the link with a TinyURL, seems that the full address brakes when I post it here.
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