Hi. Long time PS, PSO/PSU Player.

Having a hell of a time making sense of Daily Orders (Fina).

EX: I accepted the Suppress: Davrunes Order, which shows up under Floating Facility

If I go to Quest Counter Clerk (Rebecca)>Sub Quests>ARKS Quests I don't any Surppress: Davrunes quest.

I see other Suppress orders, but not Davrunes.

I have cleared the Floating Facility Ecological Survey and Suppress Leomaduraad quests.

I looked under Time Attack, Advance, and Trigger Quests as well as everything under Main Quests.

I find this happens a lot when accepting Daily Orders. It's really confusing and unclear what quest you actually have to undertake to clear them. Sometimes you get the little icon, most times, you don't. I spend more time Googling where to go than actually completing the Orders.

Is there a simpler way of knowing what category and quests you actually have to hit to complete the daily orders?

IMO, the menu interface is absolute sh*t and not at all intuitive.