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    Episode 7: ふたりのヒメゴト (futari no himegoto)
    Keyword: 初めてしてみたいです

    It's a G.I.R.L. party?
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    i will just say , where is the yurification meme when its needed XD

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    ---------------------------------------------------Eng Sub------------------------------------------------------------------

    Episode 1 Eng Sub
    Episode 2 Eng Sub
    Episode 3 Eng Sub
    Episode 4 Eng Sub
    Episode 5 Eng Sub
    Episode 6 Eng Sub
    Episode 7 Eng Sub
    Episode 8 Eng Sub
    Episode 9 Eng Sub
    Episode 10 Eng Sub
    Episode 11 Eng Sub
    Episode 12 Eng Sub
    Episode 13 Eng Sub
    Episode 14 Eng Sub
    Episode 15 Eng Sub
    Episode 16 Eng Sub
    Episode 17 Eng Sub
    Episode 18 Eng Sub
    Episode 19 Eng Sub
    Episode 20 Eng Sub
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    @Maulcun: The subs don't load when they are viewed directly from Google Drive since they are soft-subbed, and the player can't load .ass files; you have to download the video to view them, so you might want to make a note of that on your update to the first season thread.
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    Episode 8: 灼熱のバッドステータス(shakunetsu no baddosutētasu)
    Keyword: 銃座はどんどん強くなってるぞ

    Adorable mini-Rappy Maki is adorable. Also, a lesson to be careful with your hot beverages as they can inflict Burn on your tongue!

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    what a coincidence , in this week i got enough tower coins for a king rappy suit in PSO2es.

    and what Maki said that disturbed Mitarashi and Tetra?

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    Episode 9: クリスマス修羅回 (kurisumasu shura kai)
    Keyword: 朝までクエストガン回し

    Memories of Christmas fill the air!

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    Episode 10: 能あるナントカは草を生やす?
    Keyword: レッツゴー野良緊急!

    Ah, the best part of an EQ: the motley crew of weirdos posing!

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    i aalways disliked that while the operator give its 30 secs dialogue the EQ anounce pop up too XC

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    YouTube has not pushed this in my subscription feed for some reason, so I'm guessing it's been the same for Anduril, so I'll just copy the usual format

    Episode 11:話 マグの神秘とぽんぽんぺいん
    Keyword: マグの中身って何かな?
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