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    Also I can't help but find all meta conclusions so far questionable. Feng Banther didn't consider Fomel's Phrase Decay advantage in solo play, and contrary to the information in the first post I've seen Zandi consistently taking more time to finish fights than the other two
    So do I, but since I'm no good with number stuff, and I'm not even sure I'm using zandi style properly, I don't feel like I have any valuable input. It REALLY feels like the worst for one on one bossing though. If anyone knows how you're supposed to consistently build gear and manage your pp with it against a single target, let me know, because running out of resources and then not having a decent way to build them back up compared to Fomel and Baran is why I rarely use it for bosses.

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    There's so many factors to consider honestly that it's hard to just plainly say "X style is worse than X style at bossing." A big part of Baran's damage output seems to be tied to how much counter weapon shots you can get out. The more reliably you can procc a counter, the more baran will come out ahead. Baran also has good splash damage to hit multiple enemies, something that is also variable. Take a look at this video for example.

    Zandi only needs to dodge an attack every 15s to maintain the chase arrow effect they get, and according to the swiki their move arts PAs are allegedly 15% faster than their non-move arts. Fomul has super armor and increased gauge spending points unconditionally due to their floating photon blades, allowing you to spam more enhanced PAs. Which is the better of the two? I don't know. But not having super armor OR improved defenses makes zandi the hardest style to play imo.

    Here's a translated damage spread of the PAs for anyone interested: luster dmg pa.png
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