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The Windows Store now distributes regular programs (though they still need to be "bridged"), not just UWP apps, so in theory it should be identical to the JPN version, just with the Windows Store system acting like an intermediary for updates and launching like with Steam; having it the Windows Store is likely a type of short-term "platform exclusivity" thing, as, if I recall correctly, there was some documentation that a Steam version was eventually going to be made available.
Thanks for that, it does keep me hopeful things will be available for my ''archaic'' machine then. I'm kinda wishing the game would have its own client (like with Warframe, though there also is a Steam-based version of that game too), or straight-from-SEGA thing going on (though I don't think things are appearing to be going to work like the JP version, SEGA-ID and all).

Still, if the best I can hope for is something from that store or a steam-bound release, I'll take it if I can run it anyway. It's all that really matters in the end.

Man it's been so long, I am finding myself still in disbelief to think it'll come out even.

On a different note, anyone on XBOX version here gone through the whole character creator?What are the skins and (cast) parts available from the start? I'm asking because being a bit of a HUcast fan I've also felt let down with the PSO2 ''default looks'' for them, which unlike every other classes which have their style maintained but only ''upgraded'' with the game engine, the HUcast look like a different thing altogether, except for (correct me if I'm wrong) 2 sets of skins/parts formerly released for limited times on the JP version; one being a crude ''copypasta'' version of the old HUcast and another being more of a modernized ''what-I'd-have-expected-to-see-as-default'' take on said classic look.