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    Default Lag and de-sync's

    isit just me are is the server laggy and de-syncing alot these days?

    I quote a few examples :

    Falz arms first phase:

    me and the mpa enter the teleporter together.

    usual: we see falz arms land , make a noise and the battle starts.

    me: a black screen appears then almost a min later it disappears and the fight has already started.

    Falz arm Phase 2:

    know the part where he holds the platform with his two hands and does that body slam
    for some odd reason there was a debris floating platform blocking my view that I could not lock on to the arm holding the platform to attack

    these examples and other times that I notice my controls freezing up.

    This freezing up , I do not know if its a camera angle issue or just something up with the server

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    The only server issues I can recall are from the authentications servers spitting out error 601s on Tuesday, but that has since been resolved.

    There is the possibility that some of your game files have been corrupted, or that the hard drive you have the game on has a lot more read/write activity than normal (I know I always get random freezes when a Windows update is downloading); maybe a file check and/or a diagnostic on your hard drive could fix the issue.

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    update on my issue:

    just got sudden freezes on a deus fight earlier.

    at the last bits of the fight ( the part where the annocer says taht deus is going doing down in abit )

    my game just froze for that 1 or 2 secs
    esp the part where another EQ instance just finished , people are leaving the game. ( transfer lag or )
    what isit ??

    been getting these weird delays for a few weeks now

    would this be due to the fact that everybody is at home now because of the covid19 virus ??

    I dunno , I am just trying to figure out how to get the connection back to normal like before this covid thing started.
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