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    Talking Alternative when Clementine is down


    Since Clementine is down there is alternative to play similar game in form of Phantasy Star Portable 2. There are some players playing but we need more! All You have to do is download PPSSPP emulator and get a backup game image of game and then register to VPN of huntersverse and You are ready to go! Here is guide how to join

    If You want to play on Android follow these steps:

    0) Register at HunsterVerse
    1) Download and install OpenVPN from the Google Play Store
    2) On your device, download the certificate that you received in your email
    3) Open OpenVPN and import certificate (You will connect to HunsterVerse if you did things right)
    4) Download and install PPSSPP on your device
    5) Transfer Monster Hunter ISO to your device
    6) Open PPSSPP
    a) Change your Nick to your discord Nick Settings > System > Change Nick
    b) Enter Host IP. Find ip by typing !ip. Put IP in Settings > Network
    7) Launch PPSSPP and Select the game

    Also join our Discord

    See ya in game
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